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Moments of quiet reflection

We need to restore within our lives those moments of quiet reflection.

Those serene periods of consciousness where we can actually hear our own voice, have our own thoughts, and let them have time to go somewhere.

Otherwise, the voices of others in our “data stream” (Twitter, Facebook, email, texts, etc.) so saturate our consciousness that the things we think, believe, and do are more theirs than ours.

We have limited digestive capacity, especially when it comes to information.

Gorging on the words and input of others leads to a famine of self.

You lose track of who you are. You forget your own voice. You have an identity crisis. You fail to differentiate yourself because you become a reflection of everybody else. You start to live reactively and not proactively.


Be quiet. Listen and think. Step out of the data flow. Get your bearings. Hear your own voice. Remember your own “why.”

Then you’ll be ready to reengage with purpose, direction, and clarity.

It’s an inescapable principle of living a life of meaning and fulfillment.


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