The demand placed on leaders today is perhaps greater than it’s ever been.  There’s more nuance, more complexity, more sensitivity, and more sophistication to leadership now than ever before. That means leaders have to invest more now in improving themselves and their leadership capability just to keep up. But keeping up is not the goal… leadership excellence is what we seek.

The Life Engineering Articles & Posts for Leadership Excellence is designed to give you a steady diet of the latest management thinking and leadership learning opportunities. We’ll cover a broad range of topics to help keep you current so you can optimize your leadership capabilities and maximize the outcomes of both your team and yourself.

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Employee Satisfaction and Quiet Quitting: How Is Your Organization Doing? articles Many leaders are panicking about the “quiet quitting” movement. For employers, …

If you’re disengaged at work, you may be cheering for “quiet quitters” who aim to focus more on other parts of life. But you still have this niggling sense that something is off. Is quiet quitting really the answer to your lingering unhappiness? What happened to achievement?

Most pianist understand the importance of "Middle C" in orienting themselves as they begin to play. In leadership “middle C” represents compassion – both the ability and the desire to feel for and with those you are called to lead.

The night I quit my job I had a decision to make: wait, or just start. I chose to just start and held a seminar the next day. People in motion tend to stay in motion and people at rest tend to stay at rest. So whatever it is you've been waiting to do... just start!

The world needs the light and magic you have inside of you. Your journey itself—and the promise of what is to come—is more important than any position you currently occupy.

Our schools are the incubators of the future, and right now they’re scarcely lukewarm. Our nation's education ratings are among the lowest of all developed countries.

Simon Sinek describes how it is that great leaders inspire action—why some people are able to achieve things when others are not. He explains a new way of looking at how people approach what they do.

Engagement leads to flow. Flow describes those moments when you are so engaged in what you’re doing that you lose all sense of self, all sense of time, all sense of everything. You are wholly, utterly consumed in your focus.

If you’re talking about the life or lives of others, control is an illusion; influence is what matters.

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