Stress: A means of propulsion in life

Stress: A means of propulsion in life I was recently laid off. I just had my exit interview. With it comes a distinct sense of finality. I have seven kids and no job. It’s kind of stressful. But stress can be good. If taken appropriately, it can galvanize your resolve. It motivates you and gives […]

Microcosms make you stronger

As I’ve continued writing my book, Escape Velocity, I keep thinking upon this notion of microcosms. For more on what I call “The microcosm approach to success,” see the following two posts: Making the most of microcosms (how to use microcosms to achieve large objectives) Controlled Failure (how to fail on your terms) There’s an […]

Peaks and valleys

Peaks and valleys Peaks and valleys. Life is full of them. The important thing to remember when you’re in a valley is that you won’t stay there forever. Valleys are temporary, even when they seem to last an eternity. Inevitably, you find yourself back on top again. Sometimes, just remembering that can be the encouragement […]

There is beauty all around

There is beauty all around Early this morning I was on the way to the gym, when I suddenly turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. There had been a light fog and the sun had just broken through, casting beams of light that streamed down onto the neighborhood. I quickly pulled over […]

Change your life by changing your thoughts

Change your life by changing your thoughts Your mind is extraordinarily powerful. Without even thinking about it, you breathe, digest, circulate blood, release endorphins, feel, hear, taste, and see. All these things are processed instantly and automatically within your brain, with no apparent effort. Enough processing occurs within your brain and without your attention to […]

Rededication, overcoming entropy in your personal life

I love… the turn of the new year, largely because we take the opportunity to reevaluate our lives, assess where we’ve been, and plan where we’re going. It’s a phenomenal event, pivotal, and magnificent. An important part of avoiding personal spiritual entropy.

Life is not casual. Life is engaging. Spend too much time as a bystander, and you find your life is filled with more regret, than accomplishment and opportunity… (read more)…

Principle based leadership

Principle based leadership We all are given opportunities to lead. Some lead vast organizations, others small teams, and still others, a family. A leader is one who is so clearly focused on the destination that they’re able to direct the paths of others. A leader helps you see where you are, where you need to […]